The "défilé de Ruoms
" : the Gorges de la Ligne are followed by the "défilé de Ruoms". The regularity of the layers of the 100 meters high cliffs is striking. The road offers nice passages in the tunnel and the view plunges down to the river and the beautiful transparency of its green water.

The "cirque de Gens" : it is a natural amphitheater formed by a bend in the Ardèche. One goes there for the view, for hiking or climbing, as this site is one of the most famous in the region.

The Rock of Sampzon : dome-shaped rock topped by a television relay station, the 360° panorama is superb over the basin of Vallon, the entablature of the plateau of Orgnac, the meanders of the Ardèche, the Cévennes.

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