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Our roulotte Nana got a new access (july 2013)


Maori and Moun - The mascots of Villa Hugon (June-August 2014)

Snow at Villa Hugon (February 2013)


Carving on our cedar trees, completed work (July 2012)

That's it! Our sculptor Patrick LETHEREAU (who moved in May 2012 from Joyeuse to establish his workshop and showroom in the old chapel of Auriolles) masterfully finished his work. Finally, finish for us. Him, if allowed to, would find a lot of things to review, edit, correct. While for us, his (our!) sculptures are just perfect.


East / Spring soars to the sky to welcome the spring season, the rising sun, the energies of the dawn. She wears a new life she will nurse, transmitting strengths received.

South / Summer transforms the energies received into energy of love, hospitality and abundance, making his cup overflow with an avalanche of flowers and fruits.

West / Fall carries the seed of the future life. She meditates deeply the values she would
instill ​​her.

North / Winter lived a long life full of love, encounters and experiences. The end of his life approaches and he turns his head slightly to his right to pass the torch to the East / Spring for the new cycle.


Villa Hugon by night (June 2012)


The restauration of Nana (June 2012)


Villa Hugon in May 2012


Carvings on our cedar trees that we were forced to cut (February 2012)


The work of one of our guests aged 7 and half years (May 2012)

Nana has arrived ! It will be the place of our well-being area (February 2012)


Ardèche froze (February 2012)


The Villa Hugon (September 2011)


The immediate surroundings of the Villa Hugon (October 2011)

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